Pastology was born in 2021 in our kitchen. Imagine. Two Italian cooks forced at home during a pandemic. We did what we do best: we started rolling pasta. For us. For friends. Soon we realised that our tradition was something people strived for, to share a handmade pasta dish made with the finest ingredients at home. We gathered our ideas and set up our brand with a simple but effective mission: to give you the best pasta you can have outside of Italy. All our pastas are made by hand, one by one, everyday. This is the artisanal added value that you can only expect from your nonna in Italy.


    Born in 1986 in Brasil but raised in Italy, my parents introduced me to high end restaurants since an early age but I never thought on becoming a cook. I started working at Le Calandre (3 Michelin stars from chef Massimiliano Alajmo) to pay for veterinary school. I immediately fell in love with this world. That escalated quickly to culinary school and moving to Cadzand to work in Pure C (2 Michelin stars from chef Syrco Bakker) . After 3 years under the wings of chef Syrco Bakker and Sergio Herman I took charge of  the fun dining concept Ugly Duckling in Knokke from Jan Van Ongevalle. In 2021 I started pastology and fun fact, my grandparents had a pasta company in Trevi, Umbria. I never met them but apparently what comes around goes around.


    Roman to the bone, class of 1994, I was raised in my parents bistrot. After some experiences in Italy I quickly realised that I wanted more. At the age of 18 I moved to London and after that I kept moving. Working in some of Europes finest restaurants from Lyon at Tetedoie (1 Michelin star from chef Christian Tetedoie) to back in London at Restaurant Gordon Ramsey (3 Michelin stars chef Claire Smyth/Matt Abe). After a brief moment in Italy at Il Tino (1 Michelin star from chef Daniele Usai) I moved to Cadzand to work in Pure C ( 2 Michelin stars from chef Syrco Bakker). I spent my last 2 years at De Jonkman (2 Michelin stars from chef Filip Claeys) before starting Pastology.

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